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    Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you found us here.

    I'm a Portrait Photographer based in North Brisbane. I'm excited that you've found us here, so put your feet up and look through the image galleries, scroll through the blog (below) of recent sessions, and use the "Contact" tab to send me some details about yourself.

    I'm very excited this year to be visiting my interstate clients, and offering portrait sessions throughout Australia! If you're in one of these areas, please contact me asap for more information and to book your session.

    Maryborough - April
    Adelaide - May
    Sydney - June
    Melbourne - August
    Gold Coast - on request

    I'd love to chat with you about your photo session, and I look forward to meeting you!

    Claire x

Learn-It-Yourself Photography Workshop Training Sessions

This year I launched our first “Learn-It-Yourself” Training sessions – designed for new and emerging photographers who are still finding their feet, and need help and guidance in rocking their sessions! Here’s a little blurb on our sessions, and a few beautiful pics from our latest training sessions in Adelaide.

If you know me, you’d know I really have a heart for new photographers. Unfortunately this big crazy photography-world can also be nasty and mean at times, a little “cliquey”, (well, a lot!), and very hard to navigate through when you’re just new to it. Many photographers just don’t have the time of day for newcomers, and there are some seriously talented newbies out there who could be the next big thing, if someone just gave them a chance, or at least, an ear to listen.

I haven’t been doing this for decades. I’ve been a Photographer for around 7 years, working for another company, and then for myself for a couple of years. Along the line I’ve fought hard for my business. I’ve made a business from scratch. Did freebie shoots to get experience. Spent thousands on equipment, training, qualifications, insurance, business stuff, etc etc… I’ve met some amazing, helpful, super-friendly people who some I consider my best friends. These guys have, and still do, guide me through the photography world, where to go, what to ask for, who to talk to. And now, in 2014, I can confidently say I’ve found my feet! I’ve “found a style”, so to speak. I’m confident in my abilities to execute an awesome session. I’m always learning, but I’m very happy where I am, and I’m proud of where I’ve been

So this year, my aim was to give back, and help other new photographers who need it, and so I launched our “Learn-It-Yourself” Training Sessions. And that’s the thing. You Learn it YOURSELF. None of this sitting back watching!:)

I’m not huge into workshops, because the idea of having 10-12 other photographers in the room, jostling for space, trying to take photos but not doing any of the posing/lighting/directing can just be downright annoying. I mean, you pay good bucks ($1000+) to attend a 1 day workshop, but you end up competing to get great images, and going home with good photos but no idea on how to “hands-on” pose your clients, handle newborns, direct the light, etc. Don’t get me wrong, workshops can be great, and I’ve done 2 in the past, but both times I left feeling like I really didn’t learn what I wanted to learn.

In my sessions, I throw my attendees into the deep end, and get them learning this for themselves! Of course, I hold their hand for a while, go through the details for shooting in manual, lighting, posing, etc – but by the end of the day, my attendees are so grateful that they had the chance to jump in, direct the session themselves, pose clients themselves, learn a variety of poses, and walk through a session from start to finish. My training sessions are small group sessions – only 5 photographers, plus me. This gives you ample time to chat with everyone, get to know people in your group, yell out questions while we’re shooting, and have me hover around checking on you all! And don’t worry, I pull everyone aside, watch what you’re doing, how you’re shooting, what images you’re getting, and offer advice and/or kick your butt a little bit if you need a bit of a push forwards:)hehe

If you’ve struggled with sessions, or posing/lighting/session flow, or you just need a bit more advice on rocking your session and confidently posing from start to finish – why don’t you come along to our next course! These are especially designed for Photographers, new to the business, or in their first/second year of business. Before our sessions I ask each attendee what they want to learn, and that’s my priority during the training, to make sure you’ve nailed that shot/pose/lighting etc.

And if you’d prefer something a bit more personal, then I have private 1:1 training sessions too. You name the shoot – newborn, maternity, family, child. I arrange the rest!

INTERESTED? Here’s the details:

- Small Group Workshop (5 attendees) – $350 for 4 hour workshop.

- Private 1:1 sessions – $600 for 4 hour 1:1 workshop. Private 1:1 sessions are awesome. You learn exactly what you want to learn, be that from a maternity session, newborn, family or child.

Our upcoming dates are SYDNEY (Sunday 22nd June) and MELBOURNE (Sunday 31st August). Each only have 1-2 seats left, so click the link and sign up now! And don’t worry – pay the $150 deposit now to secure your spot, and the rest later.

So if you’re thinking about this – seriously. Do it. Book a private 1:1 session with me, and improve your photography! Learn your craft. Pose clients and direct the session. Nail the images. And then proudly say, you did it YOURSELF!:)

Here’s a small selection of our beautiful clients from Adelaide.

A smashing good time! // Brisbane cake smash photographer north side

This cutie-patootie came to visit and cracked us up with his dancing skills and running around the studio! Not sure if he liked the cake, but he surely made a smashing good mess:)

Happy 1st birthday gorgeous Myles x

Cake: The Cupcake Patisserie Chermside 

Decorations & Outfit by me.

Interested in a Cake Smash? Use the Contact tab and get in touch.

Sometimes, a family comes along that stays in your heart forever:)This is one of those families. I’ve photographed this gorgeous family over the years since their eldest daughter was born, and it’s just so lovely to see them grow, and now to welcome another beautiful little girl into their family. These guys treat you like absolute royalty, and it’s been my honour to capture their beautiful growing family, as a pregnancy, newborn, toddler, and now a family of 4.

This is gorgeous Arianna. And ohhhhh, that hair! Seriously, those little girls are so beautiful.

My little niece, baby Mia // Brisbane North Studio Light Newborn Photographer

This beautiful little cuddly baby is my niece! So exciting, the first little baby girl cousin, surrounded by boys! So it was extra special to photograph her a few weeks ago.

I have a feeling I’ll be photographing this cute little girl more in the future – hopefully!:)

Dewdrops Photography by Amy McDaniel // Newborn Studio Light Portrait Photography Workshop

I had the ultimate privilege a few months back of hosting the amazing Amy McDaniel from Dewdrops Photography, for her studio light newborn photography workshop. I’d bugged her a while back about coming over to Australia (she’s from overseas), and she actually said YES! We had such a good time, we got to cuddle with a whole bunch of beautiful little newborns, and learn the fine art of newborn photography, posing newborns, and studio lighting, from Amy.

In a word, the workshop “rocked”! I’ve since had a few more of my own newborn clients, and I was able to put a lot of her knowledge and teaching into practice with my own clients.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Amy!

Here are some beautiful babies we got to work with. Posing by Amy, Photography & editing by me.